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While we can help with everyday HR needs (see tab), we specialize in organizational development by offering a customized 4-6 week culture-defining program.  The Growth Culture Program is designed to mindfully bring together the collective strengths of your organization and it's employees in a systematic and organized manner led with clear processes, multi-tiered communications, and specific training including accountability methods. All is centered around the vision and business goals set forth real-time by Executive Management. 

How we can help

If you are tired of complaining about turnover, needing too much infrastructure and having ongoing employee issues, then we are for you.  We understand that culture is the backbone for how employees drive the reality of the customer experience, overall productivity levels and product and service quality and consistency. Culture is also the backbone that allows processes and systems to be embedded for scale.  

We also help organizations handle all HR issues and reduce company exposure to frivolous claims and unnecessary problems.

Why Us?

We implement proactive, consistent, multi-tiered and aligned HR solutions.  

Our specific Growth Culture Program offers multi-tiered communication programs, supportive leadership workshops, systems and process communication gap analysis and repair, and performance management systems that tie employee accountability to company goals.  Other HR service offerings align perfectly in a healthy growth culture. These services are offered through project-specific work or via an ongoing retainer.

The Growth Culture Program

Companies looking to improve and scale choose to first work with us via a flat fee arrangement  for a 4-6 week program. During this assignment, we accomplish the following four main services, weaving solutions thru real-time business priorities:

I. Systems/Processes/Communications Gap Analysis & Repair:


We will investigate the combination of your systems, processes, policies, and communications to determine where there are gaps and inoperable systems and how those gaps or systems can be repaired. Once management alignment is obtained, our business and management consultant will work systemically with you and the team to outline and execute actionable plans for fixing what needs to be fixed.


II. Multi-tiered Communication Program:

One of the most important aspects of this program is learning and adjusting how you and your managers are communicating. Not only WHAT you are communicating, but also looking at congruence and alignment issues in communications between departments and across all employee levels, as communications at different levels should be handled differently. All will be customized to your business objective and real-time business needs. This is very helpful in breaking down the silos and teaching managers how to come together -  with their employees -  as one unit.

III. Supportive Management Workshops:

During the initial program, we will hold various management workshops that will teach your managers the basics that either they forgot or were never taught. This can include teachings such as Handling Difficult & Different Personalities, Holding Staff Accountable, HR 101 Rules to Follow, Harassment & Legal Issues, Coaching, Communication Skills, and Employee Career Development to name a few. These will be determined real-time and will be customized to the business needs.

IV. Performance Management Program:

We will work with your managers to bring together the overall company vision and annual goals into not only the communication program and via viable systems and processes, but to tie it all together into action via a documented performance management program. We will teach managers how to break down company goals to divisional goals and then to specific per-employee KPI’s. Then, we will work with managers to communicate and document those specific expectations to every employee and give them tools to keep employees accountable.



The entire organizations has a clear company vision and corresponding annual divisional and individual expectations goals that can be communicated and understood easily.  


There is training, a road map, and a plan for managers to follow to communicate effectively and differently across all levels in the organization, ensuring alignment.


Operational adjustments are made with functionality and user experience a top priority, and with inter-departmental communication needs in mind. 


The execution of a robust KPI-driven performance management program exists within each specific division resulting in company-wide alignment.


Managers feel invested in with specific and helpful training that educates them REAL TIME with everyday REAL problems, providing the tools for REAL solutions.


We can continue services for a nominal monthly fee for:  1) timely check-in’s 2) availability for issue-specific advice 3) consulting on everyday HR issues for up to one hour per issue.*


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